Is Clickfunnels Funnelscripts Worth It


Words have power.

Being able to combine the proper sequence of words together have the power to inspire, provoke, convince, and even push you to purchase products.

That last sentence is something you should take note of

Businesses, be it your small neighborhood ones or the big brands you see at every corner of the plant, know this. They see the power of words and how they can affect their businesses, create discussions, and turn customers into potential ambassadors singing praises of why their product or service is worth it.

And as such, copywriting was born.

People seem to believe that copywriting is simple, that it is just words meant to sell. Others think that any writer can be a copywriter, that there is no difference between the two crafts.

That’s really not true.Good writers aren’t automatically good copywriters.

Copywriting is an art in itself, and requires not just a certain kind of writing specialization, but an understanding of target markets and up to date trends as well. Anyone running their own business knows that they need it but unfortunately not just anyone can do it well.

There’s a reason that a good amount of budgets go to ad agencies or freelance copywriters.

They’re an essential cog. They cost a lot, but they are essential.

But what if there was a way to achieve the success and efficiency of having a professional copywriter work on your business, without having to shell out as much?

Enter: Funnel Scripts.


What’s Funnel Scripts? Is Clickfunnels Funnelscripts Worth It

Funnel Scripts is a copywriting software designed by Russel Brunson and Jim Edwards. It was designed to assist you create persuasive copy for your business without needing to pour in the hours necessary to pick up the ability and master it. The objective is that through Funnel Scripts, you eliminate the need to hire copywriters or ache over making compelling copy yourself with no help.

Through Funnel Scripts, you will have access to numerous draft copy scripts based on proven copywriting formulas and techniques. From opt-in scripts and sales scripts to scripts for social media platforms, Webinars and so much more, the program allows you to focus on the craft, and much more on just answering the demands of your business.

Whether you are overworked or you don’t have any time to dive deep into creating copy for your company, you don’t know how to or you are looking for a cheaper alternative to hiring, if your main source of capturing leads and interests as well as selling in itself is via the internet, then Funnel Scripts is fantastic for you.

Is Clickfunnels Funnelscripts Worth It

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So How Does it Work?

So right now, I’m 100% sure you’re asking yourself what exactly is in this magical program you’re looking into .

When we first heard about it, we wondered how it works as well since it appears too good to be true. How is the copy created? How do we know if we’re getting usable work that will have an actual impact ? Is Clickfunnels Funnelscripts Worth It

Getting into the technical aspects of the system will take too much time so we won’t dive into that But before anything, let’s allay your fears and tell you that the moment you join, you get access to fantastic tutorial videos on how to correctly use Funnel Scripts. Everything you need to know, all the tips and tricks, they insure.

It will feel like the learning curve will be really intimidating, particularly when you first access it, but you’ll be fine. There are guides available so that any query you may have about how to use the software can be answered.

But we’re getting off topic. Getting back to what we want to know: How does it work?

We tackled a few of these already, but we could get into it now.

There are numerous kinds of scripts that are included in Funnel Scripts.

There’s also Bullet Scripts for those who want to create well-thought out and engaging bullet points.

There are Sales and Video scripts, which come with a number of subcategories under it , from Million Dollar Testimonial Scripts, Call to Action Scripts, Lead Capture Scripts, Amazon & Ecom scripts.

You will also find scripts for Advertising, Content Creation, and Title scripts.

The last two kinds of scripts you’ll find are Sales Letters and Scripts for just Titles.

Just titles.

That’s how in-depth this software is.

Talking about how easy to use it is, it’s that, easy to use. After you choose a script, you are going to head on to a base page for that specific script. Start up the template procedure and fill in the required fields with as much information as you can. This will dictate the direction of the copy.

Then all you have to do is select build, and there you have it! You’ve got your fresh new copy, ready to help you and your business out.

Amazing, isn’t it?


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So What’s The Catch?

Although the process appears to be magical it is, in actuality, not. We live in reality though, and as such, Funnel Scripts isn’t actually perfect — it has its own pros and cons.

One aspect that can come under fire is at times, the copy can be a little flimsy. Yes they follow a template–a proven one–and that makes life easier. That comes at a price however. Sometimes, a few of the scripts will be pretty much the information you’ve put into it, not adding a whole lot. It becomes more of an organizational and optimization thing, as opposed to good copywriting.

Emphasis on sometimes.

It is a case by case basis of course, but it something that you should be aware of, given the investment you’re putting it into.

We don’t want you to be filling out the information, taking a look at the generated script and wondering to yourself why you are paying so much for something you basically wrote. This is to be expected though for a program like this, and we felt the need to call attention to it, just in case.

Nothing is ideal, it has its flaws, but it is still pretty damn good.

And for a one-time payment of $797, all in all, what you’re getting is way more than your money’s worth.

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So Do You Need It?

At the end of the day, do you and your company need it?

After all, if you have been getting by so far anyway, why should you invest in something such as Funnel Scripts, even if it’s cheaper than hiring an ad agency or a professional copywriter?

Because if you value your time, you will do it.

Time is money–often literally when it comes to running a business. The entire program was created so you could save money by letting it build copy off your information, cutting not only prices, but the time you’d spend brainstorming and crafting.

Now you can allocate your time to other things and help your business grow in different aspects since you have one less thing to worry about. Is Clickfunnels Funnelscripts Worth It


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In Conclusion

Funnel Scripts is the understanding that great copy is essential but also difficult to do and create, especially when you have no experience, lack the skills or the time.

But that doesn’t mean that should prevent you from having it back up your business. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice an essential part of your business’ marketing arm.

Although it might not be perfect, the pros far outweigh the cons on this product. Backed by two industry giants, this program was made with you and the ability to move your company forward in mind. So If you wish to go all in without completely breaking the bank, then Funnel Scripts is the copywriter you need in your corner. Should you need a second opinion on things, why not check out this video from The Entrepreneur Shack.

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Frequently Asked Questions: Is Clickfunnels Funnelscripts Worth It

Q: Does Funnel Scripts Have A Refund Policy?

A: Yes, there is a 30-day moneyback guarantee.

Q: What experience do the men behind Funnel Scripts, Russel Brunson and Jim Edwards, have?

A: Russel Brunson is a well-known internet marketer, entrepreneur and is the founder behind not only Funnel Scripts, but the popular ClickFunnels also. Featured in publications such as Forbes and Entrepreneur Magazine, not only is he a successful businessman, he has authored extremely insightful books such as Dotcom Secrets, Expert Keys, 108 Proven Split Test Winners and Funnelhacker Cookbook.

Before becoming successful in the copywriting world , Jim Edwards started out in real estate and banking. Apart from being a professional copywriter, he’s also a mentor, a speaker, a coach and an author.

He founded his own copywriting education business called Guaranteed Response Marketing LLC. There he sells multiple instructional copywriting solutions.

Q: Is Funnel Scripts a subscription-based product?

A: No. It used to offer annual subscriptions, but now you can avail of it for a one-time fee of $797.

Q: Does Funnel Scripts offer a Free Trial?

A: it has a restricted Free Trial Version available.

Q: Does Funnel Scripts have an Affiliate Program?

A: Yes it does. It is part of the Clickfunnels affiliate program — their joint venture program. Affiliates can earn 40% one-time commissions per affiliate sale of Funnel Scripts. But since this is under the Clickfunnels affiliate program, you could also market Russel Brunsons’s other items like Clickfunnels and Funnel Hacks.

If you don’t have a Clickfunnels affiliate account, you will need to create one and start selling Funnel Scripts.

Q: Is the Funnel Scripts Webinar required to be viewed? Can I skip it?

A: You can skip it if you want, but we highly recommend you check it out. It has useful information you can use as you embark on your journey with Funnel Scripts.


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